Yes, More Red!

 Here I started with one perfect, gorgeously opaque and creamy coat of a StrangeBeautiful polish.  It's a stunning tomato red creme.  I don't know which volume this was from.  Ugh.  Sorry!  I don't even care anymore.  But if you must know, I can probably figure it out.
 Then I added two coats of China Glaze Love Marilyn.  Pardon my cuticle oil!
 I had so much fun wearing this.  It was like having jewels on my nails.
 I took some weird pictures indoors with early morning golden sun.  Behold!
 Blingtastic!  But everything is looking too golden.
 If you don't already have Love Marilyn, I highly recommend that you get it.
 Application was easy and the wear was pretty good, too.
Sorry I didn't get better pictures in natural light.  I think, I hope, you get the idea, though!

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