This polish is SO HOT, oh my goodness!
 It's three coats of Essie's discontinued Ruby Slippers.
 I was lucky enough to get this off of a blog sale not too long ago.
 I have to say, it is all that, and then some!  The red jelly base is swimming with tiny shimmers.
 The glitter (which I am fairly certain is actually silver - I say this because as I removed it it definitely looked like silver and I was kind of surprised) perfectly disperses itself across the nail and just glows.
It reminds me of Essie's Love, Beverly Hills xx, which is a favorite warm-toned, gorgeous, glowy red of mine.  This is so much better, though, with all the shimmer and glittery goodness!

I tend to feel self-conscious in reds, but around this time of the year I definitely don't have a second thought about wearing them.  Hooray!!  Merry Christmas, I say!

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