Green Xmas (I know I'm late)

 I have too many pictures.  Consider yourselves warned!  :)
 This is two coats of Revlon ColorStay Rain Forest.  No top coat.
 Application wasn't great - I don't love the brush and the formula was a little thick.
 I forgive it, though, because it's so freaking gorgeous!
 Check out all the yummy glass-flecked shimmah.
 How could you not love this?
 I found it at CVS with other new ColorStay polishes.  I was lucky enough to get them buy one get one half off, too.
 This was my Christmas mani, so I added some gold glitter to pep it up.
 I used one coat of Inglot 207 over top.
 I put a coat of Revlon's ColorStay top coat over it all, and then a coat of the new Sally Hansen Diamond Flash.
 The Diamond Flash dries to the touch pretty quickly, but does seem to take a while to completely dry on me (longer than I like).  I also got a few bubbles, which is never good!
 I will say that once everything was completely and totally dry, it was rock solid!
 I have to thank my online nail polish buddies for helping me come up with this combination.  I was feeling overwhelmed with choices, and they recommended this one. 
 Thank you!  I loved it!
 What did you wear for Christmas?  I have to say that I'm particularly fond of my pedicure combo - it's Zoya Ivanka topped with Diamond Cosmetics Chunky Red Glitter.  It's so festive and reminds me of elves.  :D
Thanks for looking!  This will officially be the end of the Christmas manis.  I just took this one off and changed it about an hour ago.

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