Fake Ruby Slippers

 This is two coats of Cult Nails Quench, a lovely red jelly, with two coats of KleanColor Chunky Holo Scarlet.
 Quench is ever so slightly pink-toned and Chunky Holo Scarlet is obviously not actually holo - the glitter pieces are iridescent and flash red, yellow, orange, and green.
I apologize for the less than amazing pictures!  The sun was setting and I didn't get a chance to take better pictures later as my mani chipped at around 24 hours.  Major bummer!  It definitely reminded me of my previous Essie Ruby Slippers mani, though.  It had that kind of glowy depth and firey beauty.
 Also, it must be said:  KleanColors stink quite literally and I think I may have to give up on them entirely as they do not ever want to fully dry on me!  I used three coats of different quick dry top coats on this mani and while it was top-layer dry very quickly, it remained dent-able and did not completely dry for hours and hours and hours.  Seriously.  Like, more than eight hours.  This is not okay, people!!  It must be a body chemistry thing.  It makes me very sad because I've acquired quite a few lovely KC glitters and shimmers and whatnot.

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