Another Smashing Favorite!

 Dear Ozotic 532, I love you with all my heart!!
 Get prepared for gobs of pictures.
 In this first group, I'm wearing two coats over black and I had used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash as my topcoat - such a sad choice actually, because it totally dulled the holo and took forever and a day to fully dry.
 Still, these pictures in the morning sun turned out pretty sweet!
 The main colors in 532 are blue, green, and purple.  Pink comes in to play after that.
 I had noticed that when I just had one coat of 532 over the black, the overall look was much more teal.
 Now these pictures are from a different application.  Here I still have two coats on over black, but topped it with SV and I'm happy to report no holo dulling and acceptable dry time!!
 This is in evening sun.  Also glorious!
 The holo effect in sun is just absolutely ridiculous.
 I don't know why I waited so long to wear this!  I don't ever want to take it off.
 I also have the other three holo-duo Ozotic polishes to try.  Which one should I do next?
 This mani definitely grabbed some attention.  My one coworker told me that it looked super amazing from far away (and that was indoors in bad lighting, too).
 I know it's hard to tell what's going on here just from all the different looking pictures.
 Let me just say this - unequivocally, you NEED this in your life!!
 At this moment, I'm having a wicked debate over what to change my nails to for New Year's.
 I have so many groovy ideas!
 What are you wearing?
 Oh!  I was going to tell you that 532 totally makes me think of the Northern Lights!
 I've never had the privilege of seeing them in person, and I hope some day that I can, but doesn't it just conjure a vision of shifting beautiful swirls of magical colors in the sky?  *sigh*  So dreamy!
 Only a few more pictures.  I'll shut up now.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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