Hiya!  I hope you are having a fabulous Saturday.  For you I have Nubar Reclaim, a perfectly perfect green holographic polish.  The application was just swell.  This is two coats.  There is some controversy, if you will, about putting a top coat over holo polishes.  I've been told that it lessens the intensity of the holographic effect.  The pictures are with Nubar Diamont top coat.  I can't bear to not wear a top coat!

Last night I busted out my super holy Chanel Nuit de Russie.  I was encouraged by MissH on MUA nail board to not hoard my Chanels but use 'em and love it!  Thanks!  I do love it.  Here it is, in all its glory, two coats with Poshe.

Below is a picture from last night.  It shows the glowiness of the blue shimmer in a different way.

Indoors it looks nearly black.  The next picture is just kind of silly, but I wanted to include it because I think it's cool looking!  These are some lovelies that I bought at Sephora yesterday.  They are new metallic liquid eyeliners from Too Faced and also a "Tattoo" liner in blue from Kat Von D.  I'm a total makeup junkie.  I look at this picture and it just kills me how perfect they all look - like they are floating above my hand or something.  :D  Yeah, yeah, call me crazy. 

 Thanks for stopping in and stay dizzy!!

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Hello!  I'm back from the dead - or a few really, really demanding days at work.  Same thing, right?  Here is Barry M Baby Blue!  I love baby blue and this nail polish is super dreamy.  This is three coats.

Next is Silver Sea, also from Barry M.  It's a pretty aquamarine blue with silver glitter.  I think this was two coats.

The picture above is dark, but shows the glitter nicely.  Below is the same polish, just with a flash.

Last is Color Club Wild Child, three coats.  It's a gorgeous, vibrant cool-toned green.  It reminds me a bit of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, but maybe a smidge more green.  The pictures below are not exactly color accurate, but give you an idea of how awesome it is!  

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Here is a picture of the most excellent Nfu-Oh #69 with a wee bit of GS03 on top (from the new glitter series).  I didn't realize until after I finished them that I hardly got any of the big holo chunks on the nails!  That's okay.  It's still super cool.  Big chunks are a challenge to work with.  They don't want to stay on the brush and if you're overzealous you can end up with a huge blob of polish on your nail!

Here is a request from my awesome friend, CUP, who wanted to see Misa Heaven White with Nfu-Oh GS02 over it.  It's pretty hard to see the delicate shimmer with the flash, but I picked out the best pictures that hopefully give you an idea of how cool it looks.  

It is very pretty and clean, yet stands out and comes across quite elegant, I have to say!

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Electric Neon Frog!

To everyone who wanted to see Lancome's Indigo Paris by itself, I have a little swatchy-poo for you!  I had a swatching marathon today, so of course I had to do Indigo Paris in hopes that it would please you.  I didn't do four fingers, though, because I swatched so many different colors and combinations.  I hope you'll forgive me!  

Nfu-Oh #66, 65, GS06, and Lancome Indigo Paris.  All are two coats.

Indigo Paris is so glowy and alive!  Just breathtaking.

Here is my current mani, which I've decided to name the "Electric Neon Frog."  It is three coats of Color Club What A Shock! 

It's got this cool blue iridescent sheen to it.

Indoors, right now as I look at it, the green is more vivid and "highlighter" like.

Then I topped it with Nfu-Oh GS01, a medium-sized iridescent glitter in a clear base.

The glitter flashes in pastel colors.  Very pretty and all-together a combination not for the faint of heart!

The flash picture doesn't do much for me but I included it for the sake of variation.  I was extremely picture happy today!  

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Remember me hinting at my most awesome haul the other day?  These two are from that.  The first is Lancome Indigo Paris.  It is so excellent, smooth, rich and perfect in just one coat!  I paired it with Shu Uemura Nuance top coat, for a little extra something-something.  

I have to say that the top coat was a little strange.  The holo particles were all at the bottom of the bottle.  I shook it up before using it and after the first dip in the bottle the pieces of  holo started falling down again and I felt the need to re-shake to pick up enough glitter again!  Also, the formula was very thin (not a problem, just different).  I didn't seem to have any bubbling, which was a fear with all the constant shaking.  Do you have any polishes or top coats like this?  Is this pretty normal?  I have another Shu holo polish (not a top coat) to try soon and I'll have to see how it compares.  I don't expect it to be too similar since the holo glitter is suspended throughout the polish in that one.  

I'm going to break away from nail polish for a quick minute just to let you all know about a skin care product that I just tried.  I used Exfoli-kate for the first time, from Kate Somerville, and I was skeptical.  To be perfectly honest, from what I've seen on QVC, I find the person Kate Somerville to be very grating and a bit inflated (personality wise).  The products are quite pricey, too.  In any case, after trying the sample, I have to say I'm rather impressed!  My skin feels excellently smooth.  I couldn't believe how potent the scrub is, too.  The directions said to gently massage it on the face for 20-30 seconds and it warned that some redness after use is normal.  I kind of put it off, thinking, "what's the big deal?"  This stuff is for real!  Right around the 20 second mark my face felt like it was on fire.  I quickly rinsed.  My face was indeed red for a little bit.  But no worries, it didn't last and my skin looks great.  All that to say that I'm impressed so far and will be using it again in a few days time.  :)  I hope you don't mind too much if I occasionally blab about skin care and/or makeup.  I love these things also!

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Even more catch up! Catch up Galore!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday to everyone!  I'm having a pretty great day, I'm glad to say, and hope you are, too.  Right now it's thundering outside and looks quite ominous.  But my heart is filled with sunshine from my awesome and ever-growing nail polish collection!  I sound so dorky, I know.  I had some exciting nail polish finds today while out shopping.  ;)  You will see....soon enough.  Mua-ha-ha!

This is the dainty Maybelline Express Finish Pink Pixie.  I did three coats here because half of my nails are still stained pretty badly from Orly Mint Mojito quite a while back!  It's rather sheer, but did build up nicely and is very pretty on its own.

You know I had to add some pizazz.  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light seemed just right.  One coat on top of the Pink Pixie.

It has really awesome super chunky holo glitter.  I adore this!!

I cannot overstate the blinding quality of the glitter in this polish.  Especially in the bright Florida sun.  BLINDING, I say!  Be warned!

The picture below is in shaded natural lighting.

And this is my artsy flash picture to try and show the rainbow bling of the holo.

More?  What's that?  You want more pictures?  Okay.

This next mani is special and strange.  Stay with me on this one, okay?  First I started with two coats of Icing My Blue Heaven.  It's a really cool mid-darkish grayed-blue creme.  Got that?  The next couple of pictures in outdoor lighting best represent it, but I did also take some indoor pictures with a flash.

The first time around I got some significant bubbling.  I ended up redoing it and let each coat dry for 5-10 minutes before going on.  This seemed to fix almost all of the bubbling.  Patience - is something that I'm not great with!

Now is where things get a little bit interesting.  Below are the pictures indoors with a flash.  Same polish.  Can you believe it?  Looks totally different.

I added one coat of Nubar Morning Glory, a sheer blue duochrome.  

I also decided to try out Love My Nails Violets Are Blue.  I added one "coat," if you can call it that.

For those of you who have used crazy chunky funky shaped glitter polishes before, then you know what a challenge they can be.  It took a lot of patience to get a heart or two to cling to the brush and then I quickly dropped it onto the nail and tried to smooth it out into what you would hope is a somewhat normal coat.  

The unevenness you see is from me getting one heart, blobbing it on in a stripe, it taking me a while to get another (kind of like fishing for hearts!), and then blobbing it on in another stripe to cover the nail.

All in all, it was cute and fun.  And I'm going to have to call it my Patience Crazy mani because the whole thing from start to finish with my d0-over, took waaaaay too long.  

These sunlight pictures show it off a little better, I think.  The layer of Morning Glory really changed the tone completely!  It took it from gray-blue to a strange frosty lavender-pink something-or-other.

One last picture in the shade.

Did you get your nail polish fix yet?  No?  Okay, one more then.

I did $OPI Underwater Fantasy, two coats, with french tips.  I used my white Stripe Rite to make the tips.  It wasn't too hard but I could obviously use some practice!  :)  I snapped a few pictures of this in natural light, too, just a bit ago, and might post them later this evening.

Thanks for looking - I know it was a lot!  

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