StrangeBeautiful Volume 5

 These are swatches of the newer StrangeBeautiful Volume 5.  I say newer because there is, to my knowledge, an older version of Volume 5 which contains two fewer polishes but bigger sized bottles.  The above polish is shown at two coats.  None of the swatches are with top coat.
 All of the volumes have newer versions now with smaller bottles and two new colors each.  The above polish is shown at just one coat!
 I find the whole bottle size change and additional colors in the newer volumes to be rather disconcerting.  The above polish, which is quite lovely, is shown at two coats but probably could have been just one coat.
 The polish above is shown at three coats.  It's kind of pinkish taupe?  I like it but I wish my nails weren't so stained.  :(
 The above polish is just about the exact color of my stains, speaking of stains!  I only used one coat.
 The polish above is shown at two coats.  It's a dark grayish brown.  None of the polishes have names, if you hadn't gathered that by now.  I kind of wish they had names or numbers or something.  Or, at least the bottle could have a label on the bottom that says which volume it's from.  It's kind of confusing.
 The polish above is shown at one coat!  It's a lovely dark, cool, gray.
 The polish above is shown at two coats.  It's a caramely color, not too unlike the very first caramely color.  This one is a little muddier or murkier somehow.  I prefer the first one.
 This one above is shown at two coats.  It's a very dark brown with just a hint of green.
This is the last one in the set.  It's shown here at one coat.  Awesome color!

Overall, the set is full of interesting and odd colors.  There are a couple that I really don't care for, but most of them I quite like.  Some feel too similar to each other for me.  The formula and application are excellent and you can tell that they are all ridiculously shiny.  I'm not sorry that I have this set, but I am rather disappointed by the change in bottle size and the addition of new colors to the older sets (some of which I own but now I feel like I'm missing colors from them).  It's frustrating from the stand point of collecting the different volumes.

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