More Flakes and Whatnot

The first mani you're seeing is four coats of NYX Paradise and one coat of Chanel Illusion D'Or.

I did this mani twice in a row because when I was nearly finished the first time, the NYX bottle knocked over and spilled all over the floor (and my p.j. pant leg)!

You ever try cleaning up a spill with freshly painted, still wet nails? Yeah, doesn't work.

Anyway, this was pretty and I enjoyed it.

Here I did Inglot 320, two coats, topped with a coat of Inglot 203.

The flakes on top of the frost gave it quite a bit of texture, but I still think it's kind of cool!

It reminds me of a crazy Christmas Tree ornament my mom has. It's a metallic, frosty pickle. Yeah, a pickle. Something to do with a German tradition or...something.

Then I threw on a coat of China Glaze Sour Apple and a coat of Matte Magic!

Still looking like crazy pickles, but fun no less.

What do you think? Totally bonkers?

This is my current mani, MAC Originality, two coats. It's a coppery frost with copper flakes.

It is a dead-one match for Urban Decay's Baked color! I have the eye shadow and the eyeliner. I think of them as my Baked nails.

I love this color, but am not in love with it on my skin tone. I think it's do-able, though.

Also reminds me of shiny pennies...with texture.

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Got More Flakes?

I've got lots of flakes for you! Mmm flakes. To start, I tried Illamasqua Propaganda, a fabulous dark blue jelly. It's so dark, it almost looks black. I did two thick coats.

This is so pretty, I just love it! Anything black or almost black, and I'm in love.

Then I added a coat of Nfu-Oh 49.


Check out all the gorgeous colors! Yellow, orange, pink, green, red.

This was a really fun manicure! :)

Look how utterly stunning the bottle is! It's like a rainbow of dreams.

The over all effect is sort of like tortoise shell.

Yeah, I took a LOT of pictures. Couldn't help myself!

The next flaky look features L.A. Girl Metal Copper Alloy and Nfu-Oh 43. I did two coats of each.

See all the mesmerizing shimmah in the bottle above?

This was alive with fire and embers!

So beautiful!

And the last combo is Rimmel Hard Edged and Nfu-Oh 55. It's two coats of Rimmel and one coat of Nfu-Oh.

Nfu-Oh 55 is very similar to L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing. However, 55 is a pinch more green and the flakies in it are more orange. This flaky psycho lover is happy to have both!

Hard Edged is a unique vampy duochrome. It's warm, burgundy, and smoky. Very pretty!

I lovingly dubbed these my alien nails. A coworker called them Jurassic Park nails. :)

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It's holo time!! Today I am sporting Milani 3D Holographic Digital, a rosy pink polish with large, almost flaky pieces of holo. I did three coats. I'm pretty sure I only needed two.

I'm loving the holo...because I do love my holos. I think I may enjoy the big scattered kind even more than the finely dispersed ones, such as the China Glaze OMGs. But that's saying a lot! I love all holos immensely! :)

Below you can see it's softer side, when it's not so flashy, in indirect light. Still gorgeous!

I may decide to put a matte topcoat on top tonight to see what happens!

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Hello, lovely friends! I have lots of gorgeous pictures for you. I hope you'll forgive my absence as of late. I'm not sure what my problem is, but I know I've been feeling stressed with new responsibilities at work. I also had family visit recently, which kept me preoccupied for about a week. My nieces are too cute for words, by the way!

This is my nail-of-the-day, Essie Van d'Go. I did three coats, just to be safe. I probably could have gotten away with two.

I really like this. It feels light and refreshing, like a break for me from what I usually wear.

I don't generally adore creams, but I do love this. It's so soft and pretty but not entirely girly and frilly.

Below is Illamasqua Insanity, three coats. It's pretty insane, yup.

Bright, mid-tone orange cream.

It's not quite traffic cone orange, but it does demand attention. It's fun and funky. I got a lot of compliments on it the day I wore it.

It's a UK exclusive color, unfortunately for those of us who live elsewhere.

I adore the next polish, Nubar Violet Sparkle. It's so freaking stunning and fabulous! Three coats of luscious, purple, sparkly, dreamy goodness. It's a bit warmer and more red in real life. The pictures are faking it out, making it look more blue-toned. Silly purple!

Ohhhh here's another winning fantabulous Nubar purple, Hyacinth Sparkle. Three coats. What's not to love? I highly recommend the entire Sparkle collection from Nubar. I wore a few others and neglected to photo them, but I will make a point to swatch them soon. They are terrific!!

Here's yet another fun one, Nubar Gem, three coats.

Three coats of NYX Girls Fig, an ambiguous vampy beaut!

It's more purply/blue/gray in real life, but still very dark and naughty.

Three coats of L.A. Girl Rockstar Head Banging with one coat of L.A. Girl Rockstar Live on Stage.

LOVE me some Rockstars!

This is three coats of LA Splash Golden Seahorse. Lovely, no?

Illamasqua Nudge, two coats, with two coats of Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer. So much fun! I heart my Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer so much...and it's so toxic stinky, just so ya know.

And last, but not least, is NYX Girls Boho, two coats. This is a gorgeous soft, cool green, with a metallic sort of shimmer.

I hope you enjoyed the show!! I keep acquiring polish at mind-boggling rates, so be assured that many more pictures and reviews will be on the way soon. :)


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