Meow Red Sparkle

 Here is Hello Kitty Red Sparkle from the current Noir collection at Sephora.
 I used a base of two coats of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black and then one generous but not gloppy coat of Red Sparkle.
 I love that Red Sparkle applied so evenly and easily.  That adorable kitty bottle is hard to hold for pictures, though!
 This just continues my current red obsession.  I'm plotting my future red manis, as long as I still enjoy wearing this festive color!  :)
I hope to see more lovely, sparkly and even edgy colors from Hello Kitty.  And by edgy, I mean you, Night Sparkle!  Oh - I don't think I've shown you that one yet.  Here:
This is just a swatch with only one coat!  LOVE it.

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