Bright Twinkly Lights

 For this mani, I started with two coats of SpaRitual's Sacred Ground.
 You've probably all seen this one before.  It's super popular and for a good reason!
 Sacred Ground is a beautiful gray shimmer polish that has the most enchanting multi-colors hiding in the shimmer.
 Mostly you'll notice bluish-purple, gold, and then silver.
 It's very lovely and I enjoyed the formula as well.
 I think this is my first time wearing a SpaRitual polish!
 Later in the same day, I added two coats of TiNS The Starlets.
 The Starlets is disco ball style silver holo hex glitter suspended in a clear base.
 I really love the effect as the glitter twinkles and nearly lights up!  It's so twinkly it looks like lights anyway.  :)
I realize that the TiNS glitter totally killed the subtlety of the shimmah in Sacred Ground...and I'm completely okay with that!

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Morph This

 Taking amazing and accurate pictures of Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean was HARD.
 And I promise you that none of my pictures here are even remotely as stunning and beautiful as Cosmic Ocean is in person!  Not a bit!
 Here I've used one coat of black (a-england Camelot) and one coat of Cosmic Ocean over it.
 Cosmic Ocean sparkles and shines so much in the sun!  In indoor lighting it absolutely glows and looks like it's alive from within.
 It shifts rather dramatically from green to blue and then at times to an even deeper, royal blurple.
 It instantly made me think of peacock feathers!!

It's like having some sort of insane and glorious interpretation of peacock feathers on your nails.  I completely 100% heart it.
 These pictures here were taken indoors, and show more vivid and interesting shifts, I think.

 Still, SO MUCH BETTER in person.
 I'm wearing Girly Bits Street Magic as my pedi right now (over Diamond Cosmetics Under the Willow Tree - a dark teal sort of green) and I feel all decked out in color morphing pigment awesomeness!  Street Magic shifts from green to bronze to gold to olive to rust.  If you haven't heard about Pam's Girly Bits nail polishes yet,*you can learn more at her blog here.

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Quick Twilight Comparison

 Okay!  Here is my quick and dirty comparison of Laura Mercier Twilight.  I used two coats of each polish shown (although, admittedly, Neeka very well could have been a one coater).  They are all quite similar in color and tone - with just color they looked really similar in my bathroom lighting.
 Paradoxal is maybe a hair more brown than the others and Neeka is definitely just a little more blue-toned than the others.
I've included this awful, blurry flash picture because it reveals the differences a little better than just the fluoro shots alone.  I hope this helps someone!  Here is a link back to my original Twilight post.

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