Super Fun Neon Salmon Dots and Things

 This is what I'm currently wearing:  Zoya Ali with Lynnderella Connect the Dots.
 I used two coats of each polish and then followed it with Gelous and Seche Vite.
 I have to apologize because these pictures are terribly color inaccurate!  Ali is a tricky beast.  She is more pink than what it appears here, although not a true straight-up neon pink.  I'd call her neon salmon pink.  Almost coral, but not quite.
 The polish actuals appears more like what you see in the bottle above, in real life.
 I love this picture above (and below!) for showing more of the magnificent micro shimmer that is in the otherwise clear base of Connect the Dots.
 Yesterday at work, a more mature woman surprised me by telling me that she liked my nails.  :)
Heck yeah!  I love this.  I kind of have to restrain myself from wanting to use Connect the Dots over everything.  It's that good.

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Stormy Skies

 I recently ordered some of Pam's Girly Bits polishes from here.
 Stormy Skies is the first of hers that I have used.  I only needed two coats and it applied very easily.  It also dried quite fast.  I used two coats of top coat because those adorable little micro glitters are kind of bumpy.
 The base of the polish is a squishy yummy blue-gray jelly.  I picked this polish yesterday morning because it was indeed a stormy, gloomy, ucky day.  I felt so proud of myself for matching my polish to the weather!!  :)
I honestly didn't expect to love this so much.  I wasn't even sure I was going to order it.  I am super happy I did, though!  I really, really love it.  You hit it out of the park, Pam!

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Hello, Heffalumps!

 This is two coats of Hare Heffalumps.
 Heffalumps are from Winnie the Pooh, of course (kind of like elephants), and I adore the Pooh reference here.  I love Winnie the Pooh and everything about it!
 The base is a beautiful fuchsia sort of jelly color and swimming inside are large hexes of blue, silver, and pink (I think).
 I'm not going to sugar coat this, Nation.  Application was a total bear.  The glitters kept bunching up and it was hard to control the spread of the jelly, if you get what I mean.  I needed three thick coats of top coat, as well, and even still, it wasn't totally smooth after it dried completely (it looks perfectly smooth in these pictures because they were taken right after I painted my nails).
It's so stinking gorgeous, though!  I love it!  Well worth the pain.  If you want to learn more about Hare polish, go to Nikole's tumblr here.

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Time for CHANGE

 Saturday night I had yet another painful round of manicure failures (two failures and then this success).  Yuuuuggggh!  I don't know what's going on with me lately.
 I'm glad I ended up with this, though.  It is SO lovely!
 I used one easy coat of a-england Camelot and then added a carefully worked coat of Lynnderella's Change.
 Change is an instant favorite for me.  I absolutely love the combination of colors and shapes.
 The sporadic red and lime bits really make this one superb!
 I had a little bit of smooshing on the ends of my middle and ring fingers (from my sheets!), but it was so barely noticeable.  This is good.  While I love Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar top coat for its shine and  durability, this just reminds me that it doesn't quite dry fast enough for what I would like.
Folks, I matted one nail before taking this off this morning, and while I was lame and did not take a picture, I can assure you that it looked really freaking cool!

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Mysterious Ways

 Webinarmy wore for an awesome four days for me, just so y'all know!  I decided it was time for another Lynnderella mani next, so that is what you see here.
 I began with two coats of Misa Working Hard or Hardly Working, a really pretty slightly blue-toned light gray.
 I added two coats of Mysterious Ways, followed by Glitter Tamer, Barielle Manicure Extender, and Seche Vite.  My favorite "piece" of this mani is the diamond you see on my thumb above!
In this last picture you can really see the cool iridescent blue shimmer in Mysterious Ways!

Sadly, I did have a few large and obnoxious bubbles (only on my left hand, though).  You can see them in the first few pictures if you didn't catch them already.  It wasn't so much noticeable in real life, though, so no big deal.  Also, I was lazy and didn't wrap my tips with Mysterious Ways, which I totally should have, because you can see how it kind of shrank back at the tips.

I absolutely loved this gorgeous and glittery periwinkle mani!  I only wish it had stayed on me better.  In less than 24 hours I found myself easily peeling it off in huge pieces.  :/  Ruh roh.

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 Here's another lovely NerdLacquer polish that I imagine you'll like a bit more than the last one.  :)
 This is three coats of Webinarmy.  I topped it with a coat of Instant Artificials and then two coats of Seche Vite.
 This gorgeous green at times appears to have a blue undertone and then at other times just looks very bright and plain green.
 You can see that it does in fact look to be more blue-toned in the bottle as well.
 And then there is all of the blue glitter, of course!
This is too pretty!  You can find NerdLacquer here.

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NerdLacquer Alert!

 Another first at DizzyNails!  NerdLacquer!  Here is three coats of Purely Logical.
 This applied very well and nearly could have been a two coater.  Also, and I'm so excited about this, it wore really well!!  I got a good three days with only a tiny chip.  That is so awesome for me.  My tips were almost all still wrapped, too.
If you are interested in NerdLacquer, please check out the shop here.  Amanda has come up with some really spectacular colors and I gotta say that I'm super excited about this line!  :)

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Glorious Flakes, Ya Know

 Check this one out!
 Two coats of Orly Rococo A-Go-Go (name, y u so silly?!).
 The formula was a bit too thick and almost tricky for me - I definitely should have just thinned it right away.
 Still, it's absolutely to die for, and it turned out just fine!
 The next day, I added a coat of Inglot 202 flakes.  Here are a few indoor pics first.
 As you will see in a moment, the flakes look mostly orange in the bottle, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so much green come out to play!
 It's rainbow-rific, that's for sure.
 Now for some outdoor pictures.
 Can you even stand it?!
 I definitely need to wear more flakes.  Definitely.
 I really like the Inglot flakies because they come out so dense and easily.  I just wish the bottle wasn't so tiny!
 What are your favorite flakes?
 It's nice to see so many companies jumping on the bandwagon now.
 Hopefully we won't be having any more flakie polish shortages in the near future.  :)
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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