Color Club and Castle-y Goodness

Here I layered two red Color Club polishes, Slow Jam and Feel the Beat. Slow Jam is a nice dark burgundy and Feel the Beat is a duochrome with orange and red.

I put on two coats of Slow Jam and then one coat of Feel the Beat.

You can tell I'm holding different bottles in the different pictures. The first picture and the one below shows the bottle for Slow Jam. The second and fourth pictures have Feel the Beat as the bottle.

It turned out really smooth and sexy!

What do you get when you layer these three colors below?

Let's find out! They are Emerald Depths, Blue Hawaii, and Runway Muse.

I used two coats of Emerald Depths (it's a little more green in real life, but not much), one coat of Blue Hawaii (it's way thick and I need to thin it!), and one coat of Runway Muse.

It turned out pretty cool. I debated whether or not to do Runway Muse last. Usually I would do the most glittery polish last, but figured why not try the sheer duochrome last?

It's nice and frosty and wintery!

My skin's been dry due to the colder weather...sorry I didn't think to moisturize better before taking these pictures!

And now for some magical wintry Walt Disney World castle goodness!

My bud and I went on the sixth. They still had up all the holiday decorations and were blasting Christmas tunes throughout the park. The castle lights looked like ice sort of. Just gorgeous!

They also did a nice fireworks show. :) It was really cold for Orlando, but we had fun.

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