DS, you are so much more than just holo!

I made an excellent combination this week with OPI Midnight Blue Glitter and OPI DS Sensation. I didn't really have a feel for how it would look when finished, but I knew I liked both on their own and I was hoping for a spectacular combo. Here is three coats of MBG.

I like this but don't feel like it's anything all that outstanding on its own.

Now that's pretty ridiculously sweet, huh?! One coat of OPI DS Sensation added.

Together, it reminds me somehow of one of my favorite polishes, OPI DS Royal. Only it's more metallic and opaque looking. All of these pictures are fab and yet somehow don't fully capture the amazingness of what it looked like on my nails for over two days.

Now I'd like to rant for a short moment. I've heard a lot of talk lately about how people think of Designer Series as being full of gorgeous holos. Even some are disappointed with the two newest releases that are not holo. I don't know why, but I got all defensive feeling inside thinking of all my glorious non-holo DSes that I love, love, love! I know, I'm a little crazy.

So, for the record, I love all Designer Series polishes, pretty much. There are amazing holos and there are spectacular glass-flecked shimmahs! Check them out if you can. Off the top of my head they are Treasure, Royal, Sensation, Dazzle, and Jewel (one I thought was ugly on me, so I gave it to a friend), and Mystery.

In any case, I can't fault anyone for loving and wanting more holos. I'm right there with ya! As for Designer Series, I'm happy with the majority of what they put out. Of course, brighter, more vivid and unique colors would always be appreciated! ;)

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