Hey Millie!!! :)

 This is two coats of OPI Visions of Sugarplum.
 It's a vampy, utterly delicious, deep purple with iridescent shimmer.
 I'd say it's glass-flecked shimmer; smaller particles than most, but still looks like it to me!
 This kind of color just plain makes me want to smile.  I'm so happy wearing it!!
 I was actually debating whether or not to layer something over it, but I couldn't bear to do it.  It's just too darn pretty on its own.
It's not actually duochrome, no, but I think the sky is reflecting in my nails above.  Still a cool picture!

Millie, you know I hope you get yours SOON!  And thanks so much for being the catalyst behind me getting this amazing polish!

I ordered this off of Amazon recently.

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