212 Breakdown

I've wanted $OPI 212 for as long as I knew it existed. I even planned to swoop it up on a business trip to NYC this past summer, at the grand opening of the Sephora Times Square 212 store! Oh best made plans... I ended up delayed in LaGuardia for endless hours instead. :(

But look! I have it, finally! Hooray!! And it is every bit as magnificent as I thought it would be! I had been playing in some loose red eyeshadow earlier, thus the lovely red tint stuck in the grooves around my nails. :) Pardon my mess!

It's smoky blackish brown with a lovely strong gold shimmer. There are holo glittah bits as well as coppery looking flakies!!

I saw the flakies more nekkid-like when I was taking off this mani and I think they are actually more pink. But amidst the slurry they turn copper-reddish. So cool! A year ago I don't know if I would have gone nuts for this mix but I think there's some magic in that bottle. If you are waffling about 212, GET IT! It's limited edition, after all. :D

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