Science Fiction

Can I just say that it's good to post?! I have missed posting lately because I've been so busy juggling work and my personal life. I think it's partly because of working in retail (last Friday, "Black Friday,"= super wacko crazy), scheduling, holidays, and a slight addiction to Wii Super Mario Bros. I hope you will forgive me, and I hope you enjoy lots of pictures of China Glaze Sci-Fi!

Here it is indoors. Very smooth and shiny.

Indoors with flash. Blinding, bright, and slightly cool blue.

I think this was outdoors in indirect sunlight. Isn't it pretty?

You can see the blueish tint here, too.

I really enjoyed wearing this one. It's so clean and polished.

It seems wintery to me. And it looks very good with my creepy pale skin. :)

This is from China Glaze's Khrome collection, which is fairly new. I did get all six, but I think this one and possibly Metallic Muse (a sea-foam green kind of color) will be favorites for me. They are terrific if you like metallics! Almost no brush-strokes whatsoever.

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