I am not Russian...but my dogs and my nail polish are!

Okay, so this polish applied just gorgeously.  And my nails in fact did look perfect.  Perfect, I swear!  But by the time I took these pictures the next morning, they somehow looked slightly less than perfect.  I'm not sure why or how.  Please forgive me, Chanel.  Forgive me, peeps.

Two coats.  I think the sun was too harsh for this delicate Russian baby.  Evening sun would have been just divine.  

Here are some more gorgeous and perfect Russian babies.  Varekai and Georgia, my two Borzoi baby dogs!  They are among a very small group of persons and things that I love even more than nail polish.

Here they are fighting like crazy lions.  This picture is beyond hilarious since Varekai (on the right below) is the most docile, gentle, cream-puff sweet creature you could ever imagine.  I think Georgia just takes her to a dark, dangerous place.

This one is from almost a year ago, just after we got Georgia.  Look at their pretty little heads and Vare's adorable little rat feet!

My dogs are perfect.  I cannot lie.  *sigh*  That is all.

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