The Mani That Will Not Die

My lovely followers, I wanted to give you a sign that I am still alive! Speaking of alive...this mani I put on a full week ago is more than alive and well. I took photos to prove it.

Yeah, ignore the gnarly gap. Can you believe it still looks like this?! I cannot. I feel like it's practically a part of me now...I'll be sad to see it go!

I did put on a fresh coat of Poshe Thursday night because it was looking a bit dull and also like the edges might want to lift a teeny bit in a few places. After that, it was back to perfect. Also, about 90% of the places where the tips are wrapped under are still perfectly intact.

Obviously it's not *perfect* as it's grown out and all that, but I am more than impressed with the wear time here! I've never in my life had a polish last this long. I'm shocked and SUPER pleased. For once I can say that the hefty Chanel price tag is worth it!

For anyone wondering, I had used my usual Palladio Fuse as a base coat, two coats of Chanel Graphite, a coat of Poshe, stamping with Special Black Konad polish, another coat of Poshe, and then yet another coat of Poshe five days into it.

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