Mega Glittah Mania

 I've probably lost my glitter loving mind with this one.
 I started with four coats of China Glaze CG in the City.  I wanted it to be as opaque as possible.
 Then I added a generous coat of Color Club It's a Hit!
 CG in the City is a funky mix of different colored tiny glitters.  Purple seems to be dominant when I look at the bottle, but on the nail I noticed a ton of silver and black (I think?), which gave it an overall kind of grayish silver feel.
 It's a Hit! is mega chunky purple textured hex glitter.  It actually wasn't too hard to handle during application.  The hexes mostly went where I wanted them to go, with a little coaxing.
 I used Lynnderella's Glitter Tamer and Poshe over everything and it was in fact nearly smooth.  :)
I can't remember which one, but this definitely reminds me of another mani I've done before.  Maybe it's just the silver and purple together.

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