I'm Cool as a...

 CUCUMBER!!!  One of my favorite, almost nutritionally worthless vegetables.  :)
 This is SKINFOOD Nail Vita #BL512 Cucumber at two coats.
 While I adore this color, I'm not a fan of the largish and somewhat stiff brush that it has.
 Let's talk more about cucumbers, shall we?  Love them with Ranch.  Love them with Vinaigrette.  Love them with Italian.  Love Cucumber Ranch dressing!  Love them with onions served ice cold with vinegar, salt, and pepper.  Love them in salads that also have tomato and onion.  Love the smell of them when I'm peeling them!
Wait?  This is supposed to cover "in one quick, mistake-proof stroke?"  While I never fault a gorgeous two-coater polish, I still don't understand why companies feel the need to LIE to me about one-coat coverage!

In any case, I do love this polish.  I bought it off Ebay.

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