Crowd of GLITTAH

Glitter, glitter, glitter!!!  How I love thee!
Here I started with two coats of Diamond Cosmetics Not Your 'Hum Drum' Plum.  It looks more purple in the bottle but then applied a little darker and more blurple on my nails.  And it looks blue in the photos.  Ah, well.  You know the drill.
So far I'm loving my Diamond polishes!  Great formula.
Oh, and the GLITTAH.  It's Lynderella's The Glittering Crowd.  I used two coats.
I didn't have much trouble applying the glitter, but you may notice that the glitter gets progressively thicker as it goes from left to right on my nails!  By the time you get to the pinky it's out of control mania.  I have no idea why that happened.  I was probably careless.
Can I just say that I love that the glitter is reflecting different colors on my skin here, like stained glass windows?!
I used Lynderella's Glitter Tamer and then two coats of top coat after that.  I'm still fighting with my Glitter Tamer, but I think what I will do next time around is add some thinner after doing my right hand (which I paint before the left).  It's definitely too tacky and stringy by the last few fingers on my left hand.
I should have taken a picture of my right hand because there was a star shaped glitter on my index finger that really made me happy!
I think The Glittering Crowd is definitely the ultimate multi-colored glitter polish.  Forever and ever amen.
I bought my Diamond Cosmetics polishes from the company's website.
And if you haven't heard about Lynderella polishes, then you should check out her blog here.  They are a little hard to get, but not impossible (and so, so, so worth it)!

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