Deep Space: Take Two!

 For your reading and (mostly) viewing pleasure, I present yesterday's deep space nails on MATTE.
 I used two coats of Essie's Matte About You.  I realize that they still don't look 100% completely matte in all places.  I think the lesson learned (thanks to asking friends on MUA) is to not be stingy when using matte top coats!  :)
 You probably know me well enough to understand how much I like the shiny and the sparkly, yet for reasons fully unknown to me, I felt compelled to try this matte.  
My camera chose to focus only on the bottle in the picture above.  Not a total loss.  I'm mesmerized by all that glitter in the bottle!

My overall verdict?  It's pretty cool!  I'm intrigued by how the glitters appear frozen in time...and space.

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