Lilac Softy

 Here is three coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato.
 It looks like a pale, pink, glass-flecked shimmer in the sun.
 I found that in most types of lighting it looked much more lilac or lavender on me.
 It's a very pretty, delicate sort of look.  Oh!  And I cut my nails shorter just because!  I'm happy to say that it wasn't because of a break or tear or anything bad.  I just wanted them shorter.  :)  It's a nice change for me.
 I found the formula ever so slightly difficult to work with.  It got kind of thick on me, and I felt that it looked a tad streaky in places (see picture below).
I tried this mani using Butter London's base and top coats.  Big mistake!  I smudged the bejeebus out of my pinky nail, somehow, five freaking hours after I had applied everything!  I was oh so sad.  I will probably give them a try again, later, using Butter London polishes, but I have to tell you I'm slightly terrified at this point.

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