Revlon Fizz Scented Swatches

As I'm sure you probably know, I'm not a big swatcher. I kind of hate swatching. But I received some encouragement from my friends on MUA and busted a move earlier this afternoon! I swatched the new Revlon scented Fizz polishes. All are shown at three coats with no top coat.

From left to right: Pineapple Fizz, Orange Fizz, Grapefruit Fizz, and Watermelon Fizz.

My nails are stained, which sucks. I would totally wear these sheer if they weren't stained! At any rate, I can see these being great for layering and also some would be fine on their own with three or four coats, probably.

From left to right: Colada Fizz (the bottle looks baby blue), Apple-tini Fizz, Mint Fizz, and Grape Fizz.

Mint is quite opaque, actually. It also stains like crazy!

Grape might be my favorite, but I really do like them all. The glass-flecked shimmer is so lovely and almost looks like wee little flakies!

I wish I could tell you more about the scents but I have quite the head cold right now. :( In the swatching process I recall generally fruitiness and I do believe I smelled the mint. That's about all I know. I scratched the stickers on the bottles in the store and actually liked how they all smelled. Scented polish is a double-edged sword for me. I very much enjoy the novelty but also find that I get annoyed by the smell at the same time!

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