Cookies 'N Cream

I figured I should have the best of both worlds: nudes and glitters. I started this mani with three coats of Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models.

Don't Feed the Hand Models is a creme nude that definitely gives me a nice, slightly cool, slightly pink mannequin hand effect.

I put one coat of L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Uninhibited on top.

Uninhibited is a clear base with small (looks to be) square and larger black hex glitters. The glitters have a neat glimmery, shiny finish to them that looks very interesting on the nail.

I did try to do a thin coat with Uninhibited, but it wasn't cooperating that way and wanted to come out rather thick. It wouldn't spread right thin. Other than it not doing what I wanted it to do, it applied just fine.

When I got the bottle and first looked at it, I noticed random red glitters in it. Sure enough, I have two pieces of red glitter on my nails. You can probably see the one on my middle finger and the other is on the middle finger of my right hand. Kind of funny, huh?

Maybe they got glitter happy and/or sloppy when manufacturing. Either way, this polish is really cool and definitely rocks! The over all effect reminds me of lace, or speckled egg shell (that's what Sid thought), or cookies and cream!

The finish looks a little bumpy in these last two pictures, but it's actually nearly smooth with two coats of top coat over.

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