Homicidal Mani-ac

It's day six of my wear of the Sally Hansen appliques in the Cut It Out design. They looked a little shabby this morning, starting to crack just a little in some areas, so I decided to spruce them up with some bloody jelly-licious OPI Red Shatter.

I wasn't sure if the Shatter would crack well if I put it straight on the appliques, so I painted on a coat of CND effects in Silver Sparkling first. It's very subtle. Then, a coat of Red Shatter. Then, a coat of Gelous, followed by Seche Vite.

I really like how it turned out! I unintentionally did thinner coats of Shatter on my right hand, and it shattered more, but with slightly smaller spaces in between. Since I did thicker coats on the left hand (as seen in the first two pictures above), the cracks are bigger, but the red doesn't look quite as piece-y.

Above is a picture of my oft neglected right hand, to show the difference in how it shattered. I like both, honestly! I can't say which I like better. I have to tell you, I really ridiculously love the jelly shatters. And I love this bloody lookin' crazy manicure. :)

On an only slightly related note, I just ordered Tarte True Blood makeup from sephora.com. I'm so excited!!!! I am getting the palette and the lip tint. I may or may not get the cheek tint, since I tend to prefer powder blushes. But YAY Tarte and YAY True Blood!!!

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