Manny Mani

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post in a little while. Things have been kind of hectic for me. I'm back, though, so I hope you enjoy some nice mannequin hands!!

This is three coats of Misa Whimsical Wish.

It's a sheer, shimmery peachy nude. I had no problems with application or wear.

I ended up really loving this mani, way more than I could have anticipated.

I think my previous nude mani primed me for really loving this look. I wouldn't normally care too much for a light peachy color, but I love how it's soft and ever so slightly unexpected (at least, for me).

I also think I'm starting to appreciate softer colors when my nails are longer. Call me crazy, but I get self-conscious somehow when I wear wild, vampy, or bling-tastic colors on my "long" nails.

Maybe I'm going through a phase, too. You never know!

At any rate, Whimsical Wish gave me a nice first-time-ever mannequin hands look that I definitely loved wearing!

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