My First P&J!

I was so excited to get my first Paul & Joe polish recently. I ordered it off of Urban Outfitters' website. This is two coats of 005. I believe it also has the name Orchestral.

Above is a picture of the cute box it came in.

Okay, so I love this polish so much, it's really ridiculous.

The application was freakishly perfect. I mean, come on, at two coats, just look at it!

It has awesome, random tiny glitters of various colors.

The polish itself is very opaque yet has a squishy jelly-like quality to it, and looks very shiny.

And it's scented!! It has this indescribable soft woodsy scent. I feel like there is some sandalwood and maybe a hint of patchouli? Whatever it is, I adore it and would love to have more!

Yes, it's another almost-black. It has hints of gray as well as blue. Yes, it basically reads black in most lighting. Why am I so obsessed with these types of polish? I couldn't say. I just know I am.

It reminds me out outer space and starry skies, more things I love.

If you are still able to get this polish, do it!! Love, love, love, love, love it!

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