Sweet Beetle

I did it. I'm crazy. I bought Orly Space Cadet AND Hard Candy Beetle. They are exactly the same!

No, I did not buy MAC Mean and Green....but I won't lie, I was tempted.

Beetle was relatively cheap, and I like HC's formula, so it seemed like a good idea.

(Despite the fact that I already bought a bloody back-up of Space Cadet!)

Needless to say, I adore this color. I used three coats here.

The application was perfect on this one and I actually think it may have gone a little better here than it did with Space Cadet (I seem to recall maybe having some slight bubbling).

This color is so eye-catching and unique, in the realm of nail polish.

I actually wore this for my first ever jury duty!

I did get selected for an actual jury, but the case was acquitted very quickly. It was kind of a let down in a way, but over all I suppose I lucked out because I got paid for a short day!

I don't think anyone at the Court House noticed my awesome nails...not that they told me.

But my Mom did. We got lunch together after. :)

Do you have a preference for any one of the three versions of this color?

Beetle is a really good find! I would love to see more colors come out like this one.

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