Misa's Back!

Misa has been kind of sleeping lately, if you know what I mean. Nothing too exciting going on. I did find a couple of colors from recent collections that appealed to me, though! Hooray!

This is two coats of Quirky Smile.

It applied very well and it a lovely color.

For fun, I topped it with a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Night Lights.

I believe Night Lights is a re-promote. I found it packaged with two lip plumpers in a box at Ulta.

Now, I have zero interest in Sally Hansen lip plumpers (I did try a couple back when Opulent Cloud came out because they looked so pretty) because they don't do much for me and I can't say I like the burning cinnamon type of plumpers.

Night Lights is so pretty and instantly made me think of OPI My Private Jet!

Hello, Gorgeous!

Night Lights turned Quirky Smile into a really pretty forest green. It pretty much completely took away the peacock-blue feel.

It also added a layer of smoke and bling!

I can definitely see this being pretty over almost anything.

And, I haven't ever tried frankening yet, but if I did, I bet Night Lights would fantastic for that, too!

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