It was a BLACK Friday

I'm slowly catching up! This was the mani I wore on Black Friday. I work in retail, so I wanted it to be somewhat special, to help get me through the mayhem!

I started with two coats of BB Couture for Men Wire Stripper. It looks almost black, but is more of a dark gray with some very pretty and interesting shimmer that goes a bit pink and gold.

It applied beautifully and I didn't quite capture the shimmer in my pics, but it's gorgeous!

It's another fabulous addition to my ever-growing "almost-black" collection!

Then, for fun, I added two coats of Nfu-Oh 60. It's a black jelly with red, orange, yellow, and green shifting flakies.

You can see hints of blue reflecting in the bottle, but it didn't look that way on my nails. Maybe it would reflect different on top of a different color.

They kind of ended up looking Fall-ish and less stunning than I'd hoped, but really, I can't complain. It's a good combo.

There are very few times I put flakies on top of something and regret it!

Oh, and Black Friday was bonkers for me, utterly crazy.

I'm glad I had some hawt nails to help get me through!

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