Big Bang

 This glittah is off the hook!
 I used two coats of Leighton Denny Big Bang.
 On top, I used a coat of Gelous, two coats of the new top coat from Cult Nails, and a coat of Poshe after that!  This be a crazy top coat eatin' polish.  It still wasn't perfectly smooth then, but almost.  :)
 My dry time was actually pretty good.  And the wear was good as well.  This polish smells really potent!  Also, application was definitely tricky.  I felt like I was carefully applying cement to my nails.
 Now for the fun part!  I'm going to describe to you what is actually going on in this polish.  Looks like black and silver only, right?  Wrong.
 The base of the polish is either clear or possibly just slightly purple tinted.  I believe it's clear, based on application.  There is tons of sequin-like sparkly black glitter in there, as well as silver, of course, but also lots of pale pink glitter!  And there is very sporadic holo light blue glitter speckled throughout, too!
The overall effect varies from looking either slightly purple, slightly pink, or sometimes more just black and silver.  I believe it's completely and utterly unique and I adore it!  I ordered it with a few others from the Leighton Denny website.

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