Random Creme Swatches

 Here are a few quick swatches I did back in July?  I think.  I thought you might like something to tide you over through the duration of my time wearing the Sally Hansen ghosties!  (The ghosties did come off tonight, by the way.)
 Above is Nars Vestale, a Nordstrom exclusive from the anniversary sale.  I don't remember how many coats, to be honest.  It was two or three, but I'm leaning toward just two.  :)
 Here is Sephora by OPI My Personal Serpent from this year's Fall collection.  This was either one or two coats because this polish is surprisingly very opaque.

 Here is Lippmann Billionaire.  Two or three coats - I'm not sure.  Sorry!

 And last but not least, Lippmann Stormy Weather.
I wish that I had written down how many coats each of the swatches were.  I regret that!  None of the swatches shown here feature any top coat.

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