Rewind to Halloween Time

This was a halloween-themed mani for me. I'm still trying to catch up to the present, if you will, with my pictures. I'll get there - one day, by golly!

I started with two coats of Maybelline Chic Chocolate. They did something crazy to the brush. It was cut at an awkward and strange angle. It made it rather challenging to apply the polish!

I added a coat of China Glaze Spellbound.

I picked up Spellbound last year from an e-tailer (I think it was only available online), but never got into Halloweeny manicures then. I guess I just wasn't feeling it!

I'm really glad I have this, though, because it's quite unique and super fun.

Can you believe how long my nails are here? Spooky. :)

The sad part here is that Maybellines wear like crap on me, as far as I can tell. It began chipping pretty significantly in under 24 hours.

Maybe I just need to find the right magical combination of base and top with it, huh?

That's okay, anyway. I usually change my polish every day or two at any rate. Sometimes I think it would be nice not to need to, though!

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