Purple with Flakes

Hello and Happy Saturday! This was a winning combination from Inglot. I used three coats of 835 and then one coat of 202.

835 is a slightly frosty mid-toned purple. It's a little bit more purple and less blue in real life.

And 202 is a gorgeous flakie with flashes of yellow, green, pink, and orange.

I really love the Inglot flakies for applying well and dispersing themselves nicely across the nail.

My super fab friend got these for me in NY. I want to say she's going back up in the Spring - so I will be plotting another "order" for that trip, for sure! :) It's good to have good friends.

I don't have very many Inglot polishes, but so far, I think most of the the regular colors I have are the same slightly frosty kind of finish. I wonder if they do other finishes?

I don't think I'd wear the frosty-ish finishes on their own, not typically, but they are super duper for layering!

Sorry that the skin around my nails looks like prunes in all these pictures! Yikes.

Have a terrific day! I will be doing a pedi/mani on myself, as I often do on Saturdays. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for - SO MANY to choose from!! :)

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