I have TWO

I recently acquired the wonderful Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal. Hooray! Two of them. What!?

I layered one coat over one coat of Illamasqua Boosh (black).

Yes, you heard me right, I have two Turquoise Opals.

It was actually a total stupid mistake, but I have to say, a good one!

I mean, how could having two of these be a bad thing? Right?

I ordered off of Ebay and I may have accidentally hit the "back" button at an inopportune time.

I had a reason for doing it, but it somehow accidentally made me buy two.

I even told the seller...but I don't think they cared. I would have backed off of one of them if they had let me.

Oh well! Happy accidents, I say!

I only wish my million pictures better showed off the beauty of this polish.

It truly looks amazing, and in nearly every type of lighting!!

It's so much fun the wear and look at.

And it even applied terrifically! I was very worried that I'd get bubbles. I think I'm having memories from the good old days, when I owned some Nail Prisms and really knew nothing about painting nails in a decent or proper manner. I probably slapped on three thick coats and had bubbles - yeah.

Forgive me, I'm rambling. All that to say that this one does behave nicely if you are nice to it. :) I think it's probably most beautiful layered over black or a very dark color.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and if you are able to get Turquoise Opal (or Boosh for that matter), I highly recommend it!

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