Glitter Freak Out

On MUA I joked about laying all of the Burlesque glitters all at once. And then I got to thinking.

All would be too thick, but three should be just fine!! I started with a coat of Show It and Glow It! The bottle is shown above and below.

Stupidly, I didn't take progress pictures as I went along, so my nails are the same in all these pictures (the finished product). D'oh!

I added a coat of Glow Up Already! The bottle is shown above and below.

To finish it off, I used a coat of Sparkle-licious.

It's a little laughable, because really, can you tell there is any other glitter than Sparkle-licious?

No, silly rabbit!

But it's still pretty, and I know they are there! It's my secret.

Plus, maybe it's a teeny tiny bit different looking than just Sparkle-licious would be on its own? Let me pretend. Leave me in denial. :)

I love these glitters. They are so bombtastic.

Thank you, OPI. Bless you, Suzi.

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