Happy Holidays?

This was my first sort of Holiday inspired mani of this season. I'm not ready for Christmas, winter, Thanksgiving, any of it really! It doesn't help that down here in Florida nothing remotely feels like Christmas or winter. I grew up in Michigan, so I'm used to cold and snow and I have to say that I miss it, especially when it comes to thinking of the Holidays. Anyway, this is Finger Paints Evergreen Dream topped with Sinful All About You.

It's Christmassy, no?

I love that the Sinful glittah has orange and gold bits. So pretty!

I didn't get around to taking any pictures of this outdoors in natural light, but I still wanted to share the glittery goodness with you. :) This mani lasted me a crazy long time, too! Nearly a week, if I recall. Wowza!

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