Fun with decals!

I finally decided to use some of the decals I've been collecting. Smart! I started with Claire's Pink Rose polish. It has an awesome, subtle golden holo shimmah! In some lights it almost looks like a lime green shimmah. Then I used decals from Fing'rs Edge, the Royal Punk set.

I apologize that some of the pictures are blurry - my zoom had a mind of its own that night!

The picture below is ridiculous (bad) but I had to include it because the bottle shimmah is so gorgeous!!

The black skull with the heart eye patch is my favorite, I think.

I was impatient in putting on the decals so I didn't wait until my polish was totally dry. I think it might have turned out a little better if I had waited, but then I had the dilemma of not wanting to put a layer of quick dry top coat on top of a basically dry mani (and risking peeling and shrinking).

This was lots of fun and lasted a few days for me (which is good), so I'll definitely be using more decals in the future! :D

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