Short but SWEET

Thursday I stopped by Sally's in search of the new China Glaze Glitters.  I had to go to a second Sally's across town to actually find a few!  But hooray!  I picked up five, quite happily.  The gorgeous sparkly, holorific Atlantis is one of them.  China Glaze, you da bomb, yo!!

Here is two coats of Nicole by OPI Blues in the Night (I think - it doesn't have a label, but I'm pretty sure) with one coat of China Glaze Atlantis, then topped with Konad Special White and a design from plate m51.  

In the next picture you can see that I placed the design in the same way on my right index and middle fingers, much to my chagrin!  I was trying to do the design in a different orientation on each nail.  Oh well!

Here, below, you can finally see what the Blues in the Night (Nicole by OPI) looks like on its own (in the bottle).  

Bling!  Bling!  Bling!

This evening I had a fabulous surprise upon my arrival home from a weekend away in Homer, NY.  Sid and I went to a college buddy of his' wedding.  I wasn't really expecting any packages, so the gears in my mind starting churning.  When I got the package in my hands I read "Deborah Lippmann" on the return address label.  Holy smokes!!  I won the Allure giveaway from a few months back!  I completely freaked (and am in fact still freaking out).  I never win anything, seriously.  Check them out!

The really funny part is that I agonized over buying this collection when it came out and I did end up purchasing it.  Ha!!  Figures.

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