OOoo!! Aahhh!!

Top of the mornin' to ya!  I have a most blessed post for you and guess what?  It's Anna.  Yeah.  We're on a first name basis now.  I think I am in love with Anna.  Don't tell my husband.

Today I am sporting the ever perfect Anna Sui 103.  Below are pictures of the two coat amazingness.  I know - it's so freaking blessed.  Now imagine the smell of fresh roses wafting toward you (or don't - I mean, if you don't like roses don't imagine it).

This next picture might be my favorite because it's so insanely glossy.  You can almost imagine diving into the nails and swimming in them!

Now, if you know me at all, then you know I couldn't leave well enough alone.  I just *had* to add bling.  HELLO!  005 is quite possibly in the dictionary next to the word "bling."  Behold:

This is one coat added.  You know how big chunky glitters often act all crazy and are hard to get positioned onto the nail?  Not this beaut.  It applied so perfectly I could hardly stand it.  Anna, how?!

Check out the blindingness below.  Zoinks!

Again, I am blind.  And so happy.

Equally fab in the shade.

I don't need to say anymore but I will.  These polishes are smooth, glorious, and to.die.for.  I'm wondering if I should have sold a kidney on the black market so I could have bought the entire collection.  I'm going to say that the Anna Sui boutique in New York is my personal nail polish mecca.  Yup.  There ya have it.

Have a loverly day and stay tuned for more Anna!!  :D

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