Back by popular demand!  It's more Anna Sui!!  Here we have the lovely Dolly Girl mini 404.  It's a smokin' hawt fire-engine red with shimmery glittah!  It screams:  Look at me!!

Here is Anna Sui 201, a creamy mauevy, lavender with delicate shimmah.  I had some awesome shrinkage, as you can see, partly due to Poshe and partly due to my need to take a shower very shortly after painting my nails.  Did you even know that showering too soon after painting your nails with a quick-drying top coat could cause shrinkage?!  I didn't until recently, thanks to the lovely ladies on MUA.

Shrinkage or not, it's still gorgeous.

And last is the odd one out, Nfu-Oh 65.  This is a celebratory mani for my best bud coming to visit me today.  Hoooooraaaaaay!!  I love this color very muchly.  :D

Isn't it just ridiculous?!  Doesn't it make you want to scream/cry/sing/shout?!  

I hope this makes you happy, as it does for me.  Have a holo-rific day!

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