Here is a picture of the most excellent Nfu-Oh #69 with a wee bit of GS03 on top (from the new glitter series).  I didn't realize until after I finished them that I hardly got any of the big holo chunks on the nails!  That's okay.  It's still super cool.  Big chunks are a challenge to work with.  They don't want to stay on the brush and if you're overzealous you can end up with a huge blob of polish on your nail!

Here is a request from my awesome friend, CUP, who wanted to see Misa Heaven White with Nfu-Oh GS02 over it.  It's pretty hard to see the delicate shimmer with the flash, but I picked out the best pictures that hopefully give you an idea of how cool it looks.  

It is very pretty and clean, yet stands out and comes across quite elegant, I have to say!

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