Electric Neon Frog!

To everyone who wanted to see Lancome's Indigo Paris by itself, I have a little swatchy-poo for you!  I had a swatching marathon today, so of course I had to do Indigo Paris in hopes that it would please you.  I didn't do four fingers, though, because I swatched so many different colors and combinations.  I hope you'll forgive me!  

Nfu-Oh #66, 65, GS06, and Lancome Indigo Paris.  All are two coats.

Indigo Paris is so glowy and alive!  Just breathtaking.

Here is my current mani, which I've decided to name the "Electric Neon Frog."  It is three coats of Color Club What A Shock! 

It's got this cool blue iridescent sheen to it.

Indoors, right now as I look at it, the green is more vivid and "highlighter" like.

Then I topped it with Nfu-Oh GS01, a medium-sized iridescent glitter in a clear base.

The glitter flashes in pastel colors.  Very pretty and all-together a combination not for the faint of heart!

The flash picture doesn't do much for me but I included it for the sake of variation.  I was extremely picture happy today!  

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