My life is in HD

I took these pictures when the collection first came out, maybe a couple of months ago.  It's such a great collection!  I really love every color in it (which is pretty unusual).

08 Hi-Res

06 Digital

07 Three D (my surprise fave of the bunch)

05 Lite

04 Hi-Def

03 Pixel Pretty

02 BLU

01 Cyber

If I recall correctly, I did two coats on all except 05, 03, 02, and 01, where I did three.  I absolutely LOVE the brush on these!  It's kind of wide and flat, but not as wide as the OPI pro-wide brush.  It's just nearly perfect.  The formula is nice and they look so pretty in any lighting.  My only complaint is the price!  I believe I paid around seven bucks each.  *ouch*  Why, Sally, why?!?  You only want two dollars for gorgeous Xtreme-Wears and five more for the HDs?  Hardly seems fair.  :(

Here is Three D with Nfu-Oh 49 on top.  I think my fingers are all contorted and crazy lookin' because I was trying to show off the magical iridescence of the flakies.  

And then I added Konad with m64 and used Konad Princess polish in gold/black.  It was kind of smudgy and less than perfect, but still fun.  

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