Catch up!

Hooray for the weekend!  And double hooray for not having to work tomorrow!!  I want to catch up a little, since I have some pictures of recent manis that haven't been posted yet.  Here are two from the past week.  First up is OPI DS Treasure.

It really is a treasure to me!  

I like to pretend that I'm special for having it.

This is three coats.  So shimmah-ry!  It looks like a golden, mid-tone orange in most lighting.

Here is a layer combination:  Sephora by OPI (which I will from now on refer to as $OPI) Ocean Love Potion with $OPI Lagoon-a Beach.  Only one coat of each!

I couldn't tell you why it looks like there is a crease/dent across my index fingernail.  I noticed it after I took the pictures and then it was gone by the time the polish had dried completely.  I really don't think I dented it or anything like that.  Strange!  Ghosty dent.  I could handle a million ghost dents, I think, as long as my nails looked smooth when dry.  

I maaaaay or maaay not have purchased large amounts of nail polish online over the past week!  (read:  I did.)  I look forward to posting pictures of Barry M and the BB Couture for Nails limited edition Hot Rod collection soon!!

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