My Funfetti Mani

 This mani took more time and patience than most do, however, I am well pleased with the results!
 I used three coats of Essie Marshmallow for my underwear.
 Next, I added one and a half coats of Lynnderella Sweets to the Sweet.  I say one and a half because several nails only need one coat but some others I dabbed on a bit more (up to two coats of it in total).
 I finished everything with two coats of Gelous and then a coat of Seche Vite.
 It was not perfectly glassy smooth, but still smooth enough for me to enjoy.  I actually did a close variation of this combo right before this mani and I had trouble that time around with the white glitters in Sweets to the Sweet bunching up on each other and in little heaps.  I would say that this polish requires more patience and skill in application than many glitters...but then again, this is so delightfully delicious that I am more than happy to put up with some glitter shenanigans!
It looks like tasty funfetti cupcakes and I definitely had a few friends telling me that they wanted to lick my nails!  :)

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