A Week of Hearts

 These are Sally Hansen Salon Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Speed Dating."  These first two pictures were taken the morning after I applied them.
 The hearts have a cool gradient effect with red and orange.  It's subtle, but nice.  I was pleased with my fit and application.  I've picked up a few tricks having done these several times now!  :)
 This is the first time I have not used any top coat during the process of wearing these stickers.  Here, above and below, are the gratuitous pictures taken this morning, on the beginning of day seven!  I did buff them quickly with the Revlon Crazy Shine buffer, just to perk them up.
I have some tip wear, yes, some out-growth, yes, but they are still looking gosh darn good, I'd say!  While I have so many fantastical polishes I'm eager to wear, I will confess that it's been sweet not changing my polish at all this week.  What a nice break!  I plan on wearing these strips in the beginning of March when I take a week long trip to visit my grandparents.  Then I won't have to worry about packing polish and that sort of thing.  :)

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