Artsy Mari Moon

 Greetings, Nation!!  I have Mari Moon swatches for you!
 Yesterday was overcast and gloomy out (which is perfect for multichrome pictures, by the way), plus I was coming off of the week wearing Sally Hansen heart stickers, so, I figured a little swatch sesh was in order!  I've had the Hits Mari Moons for a while, I just haven't gotten around to trying them out until now.
 This here is two coats of Artsy shown over clear base coat and without top coat.  If I was wearing this as a mani I probably would've added a third coat just to be sure there weren't any translucent areas.  That, or layered it over black.
The brush on Artsy (along with every Mari Moon I have, save for one) was no fun and a challenge to work with.  I find the shape to be difficult for getting close to the cuticle area.  Also, there were splayed out bits and pieces.  I trimmed off the offending bits with my trusty Tweezerman cuticle nippers, which helped.

Instead of showing you all the swatches at once, in one ginormous post, I'm going to stretch it out.  :)  Stay tuned for all the others!

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