More Party Tox

 These are some SKINFOOD Party Tox swatches I did a few weeks ago.  The bottle above is No. 7 Pearl Party and it corresponds with my index finger.  I used one coat of the glitter over a coat of black polish (DC Matte Black) for all of these.  I also used top coat so that they would look good and shiny.  :)
 The bottle above is No. 8 Aqua Party and it goes with my middle finger.
 The bottle above is No. 9 Deep Sea Party, and you guessed it, it corresponds with my ring finger.
Last is No. 5 Seaweed Party and it's on my pinky nail.  I think it looks really cool over the black.

I ordered these off of Ebay.  I'm a little flustered because I think I may have No. 6 Coral Party in my possession, but I'm actually not positive.  This is the downside to having a huge stash and not having any spreadsheet or easy method of organization.  If I find it, I'll have to swatch it!  But then again, maybe I didn't even buy it.

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